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Which Window Style Is Right For Your Home?

April 12, 2019 4:17 pm Published by

Replacement windows come in a variety of styles, but what matters is the style that’s best for you.

Every house has its own style and aesthetic, something that the current homeowners bring to it. So your windows should never just be cookie cutter add-ons. At EcoView, we offer top quality windows in durable vinyl frames that come in a variety of styles. From classics like double-hung and casement to stately elegance of bay and bow windows, you have options to suit any home’s style. What style should you choose for your home? Let’s discuss some of the options.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are the most common window style and have remained the most popular for decades. They’re not only stylish, but easy and versatile to operate, with two operable sashes, one which moves up while the other moves down. You can have these windows half open for ventilation, and they close and lock easily. They look great with window grids or clear and unobstructed. They also suit just about any room in the home as well as any design style. If your taste tends to change, double hung windows are a style you can count on consistently.


Slider windows also have two sashes, though in some cases, only one sash moves. The difference here is that they’re horizontal, so the sash moves from left to right, much like a sliding glass door. These windows are loved for their easy operation and the extended views and light that they let into a room. They’re perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or home offices. If you’re going for a contemporary look with an open, airy feel, slider windows are a great choice. They’re also an excellent option if you like to open the window on a nice day and let in some fresh air.


Bay and bow windows are sometimes made up of a few casement windows, or casement windows can be installed alongside them to add extended views and lighting. These are tall, vertical windows that are often narrow but always characterized as opening from the side, much like a door. The hand crank at the bottom of the window frame makes for easy operation, and the ventilation offered from these windows is hard to beat. These windows again can be used in a number of rooms, especially living or entertaining spaces. They can complement other window styles in a more classic design or stand alone — or in a row of casement windows — for a more modern, airy design.


Awning windows are constructed a bit like casement windows tilted onto their sides. These windows also open through use of a hand crank, but they open outward from the bottom, rather than the side. They’re often installed high on the wall of basements so that natural light can be let into the room. However, they also suit living rooms and home offices. Some homeowners will install several awning windows higher on the wall to allow natural light to flood downward into the room, effectively “daylighting” the room.


What’s great about using picture windows to amplify your design style is that picture windows come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, since these windows aren’t designed to open at all, aesthetic is an important part of their construction. You can install a small, circular picture window to draw the eye or fill a dimly lit room with light using larger picture windows. Because of this, these windows aren’t limited by the style of your home or the type of room at all. They’re also incredibly energy efficient, as there are no openings through which air seep in or heat can escape.

Do you know what kind of window style you’d like to use in your home? Contact EcoView today for more information about top quality, energy efficient windows in any style.

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