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Not having the money to cover the replacement costs upfront can mean putting it off until you can afford it, or only doing a partial replacement which can mean missing out on some of the benefits that a full windows, doors, or siding replacement can offer.

With the options of Foundation Finance and Upgrade available to make your new installation affordable, you can reap the full benefits of replacing all of your home’s windows, doors, or siding at once.

Our financing makes your window, door, or siding project in Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island a straightforward and cost-effective investment. We understand how important your home improvement project is, which is why we’ve partnered with both Foundation Finance and Upgrade, for simple and easy loan process to get you the best home improvement loans available. First, complete the online application (this will not affect your credit score). Once you’re approved, you and Legacy EcoView will confirm the final cost of your project and sign the electronic loan documents. Once the loan company receives the loan documents, your project can start! Your payments will begin approximately 30 days after your project has been completed. You can pay your payments online, by phone or by mail.

The Benefits You Get From Financing Your Windows, Doors, Or Siding Replacement & Installation

Financing Makes Replacing All Of Your Home’s Windows, Doors, Or Siding With Top-quality Products Affordable

Installing newer windows throughout the home is imperative for increasing a home’s energy efficiency and market value. To ensure maximum efficiency and curb appeal, it’s best to replace multiple windows all at once. Choosing from top-quality products means your replaced windows, doors, or siding will last longer.

The availability of financing with low monthly payments, affordable APRs and no prepayment penalties means no budget limitations and the ability to meet all of your window, door, or siding needs at once.

Applying For A Home Improvement Loan Is Quick & Easy
Done entirely online from the comfort of your home and with near-instant approvals on home improvement loans.

Have No Fears About Extra Fees or Prepayment Penalties
We will never penalize you for paying your loans back sooner than the payment terms.

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