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Your Burning Questions About Impact Windows, Answered

Are impact windows really shatter-proof?

Yes! But don’t confuse “shatter-proof” with “crack-proof.” If a tree branch hurls toward the window at 80mph, it may crack the outer layer of glass of an impact window, but it will NOT penetrate the lamination or inner layer of glass. This is what makes impact windows so much safer than ordinary windows during hurricanes.

Are impact windows as energy efficient as regular double pane windows?

Yes, if not more so. The extra-thick layers of impact windows help reduce energy transfer in and out of your home.

Do impact windows block outdoor noise?

Yes. You can expect up to 50% less outdoor noise pollution when you install impact windows in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas.

Does the lamination in the glass affect the window’s clarity?

Not at all. Though made with specialized laminated glass, impact windows provide the same crystal-clear views other windows do.

Are impact windows “bulky” or “boxy” looking?

This is a fair question, but the answer is a resounding no. You might think that the heavy-duty protective nature of impact windows would mean they need to be made with extra material or a bigger frame. But impact windows look elegant and will substantially increase your home’s curb appeal.

Do impact windows cost more than “ordinary” replacement windows?

It depends on the material of the “ordinary” replacement window. Those special materials mentioned in the previous answer cost more to manufacture than materials used in something like a double pane vinyl window. What’s important to remember is that impact windows are an INVESTMENT and will last longer than other types of windows.

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