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Picture Windows: Providing Excellent Outdoor Views & Natural Light… While Cutting Energy Costs

Want To Experience The Splendor Of The Savannah, Hilton Head Island & Beaufort Outdoors? Picture Windows Are The Answer.

When it comes to picture windows, the name pretty much says it all. Picture windows provide—you guessed it—gorgeous picturesque views. And that’s the primary reason Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island homeowners install them.

But picture windows also provide some other great benefits for homeowners, including…

  • Lower energy costs
  • Boosted curb appeal
  • More natural light
  • Tons of customization options


A picture window is fixed, which means it doesn’t open or close. And since the picture window has no operating parts, it’s completely sealed. This lack of functionality makes it one of the most energy efficient window styles on the market. There simply is ZERO space for water and air to get through.

The picture window’s lack of functionality brings another benefit: virtually unlimited style and size options. Picture windows come in every size and shape—from rectangular to round to arched to literally anything else you want. The only limit is your imagination.

Bottom Line: Picture windows are an excellent investment if you’re looking for plenty of natural light, amazing outdoor views, and enhanced curb appeal. When you also factor in their energy efficiency, picture windows provide superior value for Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head homeowners.

Why Install Our Picture Windows?

This area of the country has unique energy requirements. If a picture window is not built specifically for those requirements, you’re not going to get the energy efficiency you need from the window.

This is why our vinyl picture windows are custom-engineered for our exact climate. From the glass to the frame, everything about our picture windows are fully optimized for the Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head areas. As a result, our picture windows exceed Energy Star standards and can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%!

Here’s a look at what makes our picture windows so energy efficient:

  • SolarFlect™ Low-E insulating glass has an invisible reflective coating that blocks up to 72% of the sun’s heat energy.
  • Insulated vinyl frames and sashes offer exceptional insulation and minimize energy transfer.
  • Double- and triple-pane glass with Argon gas between the panes blocks unwanted heat from getting into your home.
  • Pure first-generation vinyl means there is zero “filler” or recycled material. You get unadulterated strength and durability that windows made with recycled vinyl can’t match.
  • Our factory-trained, fully certified professional window installers ensure your bay windows are flawlessly installed, so you experience peak energy performance.

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