Considering Bow Windows In Savannah,
Hilton Head Island, Or Beaufort?

Here’s What You Need To Know…

Bow windows are a gorgeous addition to any Savannah, Hilton Head Island, or Beaufort home. They offer amazing outdoor views, elevate your home’s curb appeal, and let in loads of natural light. Bow windows are also great if you want the appearance of more space.

Bow windows are comprised of four to six equally-sized window units. These window units can either be fixed (they don’t open) or vented (they do open). The window units are arranged to provide a unique rounded appearance you can’t achieve with any other window.

A lot of homeowners confuse bow windows with traditional bay windows. It’s a simple mistake to make—both types of window have many similarities. And many replacement window companies group bay and bow windows together on their websites and in their advertising materials.

There are, however, a few important distinctions between bow and bay windows…

1. Bay windows consist of three windows. Bow windows consists of four to six windows.

2. The middle window in a bay window is fixed and larger than the two side windows. The windows in a bow window are equally sized and can either be fixed or vented.

3. Bay windows tend to have an angular shape, while bow windows provide a curved, semi-circular profile. The shape of a bow window means it can even be wrapped around the corners of buildings and homes.

Why Install Our Bow Windows?

Our bow windows are custom-engineered for the Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island weather. We equip all of our bow windows with innovative energy efficiency technologies that can reduce your monthly utility bill by up to 30%.

Here are some of the features in our bow windows that will help drastically reduce your energy bills:

Our customers have reported that they’ve saved up to 30% on their energy bills after replacing their old windows with Legacy EcoView windows. So if your average utility bill is $130 per month, 30% savings works out to an extra $468 in your pocket. Every. Single. Year.