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Casement Windows: Beautiful. Efficient. Secure. And Then Some.

Casements Are One Of The Most Popular Windows In Savannah, Beaufort & Hilton Head Island For A Reason.

(Actually, A Lot Of Reasons!)

Aside from double hung windows, casement windows are probably the window homeowners choose most in the Savannah, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island areas.

And when you consider the benefits of the casement window, it’s no mystery as to why…

  • Casement windows look great on virtually every home.
  • They are extremely energy efficient.
  • They allow excellent airflow, amazing views, and loads of natural light.
  • They are easy to operate.
  • You can install them in many different places in your home.


Casement windows are attached to the frame by one or more hinges from the side. They are typically operated with a crank or lever, and open outward to the left or right like a door. You can even group casement windows together or with other windows to form a bay or bow window. And since there are no parts obstructing the glass, you get beautiful unimpeded views of the outdoors.

The design of the casement window makes it one of the most energy-efficient operational windows you can buy. When closed, casement windows create a tight seal that eliminates air and water leaks. Glass panes are inserted in a grooved frame and sealed with a glazing compound to secure the glass. And casements can come with advanced energy-efficiency technology that maximizes energy performance.

When open, casement windows provide refreshing airflow. Since the whole window opens, the crisp outdoor air floods into your home with no obstruction. And because of how casement windows open, they even let in the outside breeze at unusual angles.

Casement windows are a favorite among households with families and small children. The casement window’s lack of moving parts means there are few vulnerable spots for would-be intruders. And the best of the best casement windows (like ours!) have multi-point lock systems embedded on the inside of the frame, so they cannot be unlocked from the outside.

Casement windows also meet egress laws (laws that determine the size of a window for emergency exits in your home). Because of how they open, casement windows can be relatively small and still meet egress codes. This makes casements a reliable emergency exit in spaces like bedrooms.


Why Install Our Casement Windows?

Our casement windows are crafted using industry-leading innovation, exclusive manufacturing techniques, and the latest technology. As a result, customers report cutting energy costs by 30% with EcoView casement windows. To put that in perspective, the average monthly utility bill in Georgia and South Carolina is about $135. A 30% decrease on your energy bills saves you $486 PER YEAR!

Here are some of the features in our casement windows that makes it possible for you to slash your energy costs while enhancing the looks and safety of your home…

  • SolarFlect™ Low-E insulating glass has an invisible reflective coating that blocks up to 72% of the sun’s heat energy.
  • High-density insulated vinyl frames and sashes provide optimal insulation and minimize energy transfer.
  • Double- and triple-pane glass that comes with high-density Argon gas between the panes. This blocks unwanted heat from entering into your home and cuts down on energy consumption.
  • Pure first-generation vinyl means there is zero “filler” or recycled material. You get unadulterated strength and durability that windows made with recycled vinyl can’t match.
  • High-end security features that are a nightmare for wannabe burglars.
  • Our factory-trained, fully certified professional window installers ensure your awning windows are flawlessly installed to maximize energy performance.

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