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Hurricane-Fortified Impact Windows For Savannah, Hilton Head Island & Beaufort

Category-4 Protection. Intruder-Proof. Ultra-Energy Efficient. Showstopping Looks.

Say Hello To The Window That Does It All… And Then Some.

Hurricanes Hate Our Windows

Our impact windows don’t just meet hurricane standards set by the state—they CRUSH them. Whether being punched by 200mph winds, pounded by surging rainstorms, or pelted with debris, our high-impact storm windows provide Category-4 protection against the brutal elements that pummel your home during a hurricane.

Penetration-Proof… Period

Our impact windows are a would-be burglar’s worst enemy. We’ve tested our impact windows against crowbars, sledgehammers, and baseball bats. We had a 300lb guy jump up and down on our impact windows. We’ve shot two-by-fours out of a pressurized cannon at our impact windows. The result is always the same: Nothing penetrates the glass.

Cuts Your Energy Costs

Our impact windows aren’t just tough—they’re also amazingly efficient. Durable insulated frames, multiple panes of glass, and a host of groundbreaking energy features means you save big on your energy bills year-round. That extra insulation also reduces outdoor noise pollution up to 50% (bye-bye noisy neighbors and barking dogs)!

How Our Impact Windows Work… And Why They’re NON-OPTIONAL
For Savannah, Hilton Head Island & Beaufort Homeowners

Our impact windows are custom-engineered specifically for areas prone to hurricanes. The outer layer of glass is laminated for maximum protection. In between the layers of glass is a heavy-duty polyvinyl butyral PVC membrane. On the chance the outer layer of glass shatters, the inner membrane acts as a barrier and prevents the object that hit the glass from further penetration.

As a result, our impact windows can withstand the following:

  • Category-4 hurricanes
  • 200mph winds
  • Billiard ball-sized hail
  • Flying branches, rocks, and debris
  • Hammers, crowbars, baseball bats… anything an intruder would use to try to break in


If you live on the coast, hurricane-resistant impact windows are an all-but-required investment. Regular replacement windows simply won’t hold up to the harsh conditions coastal weather can bring. Just one stray wind-whipped tree branch or rock can lead to devastation if it hits the glass of an ordinary replacement window. That’s a risk you don’t want to take.

But Our Impact Windows Do More Than Transform Your
Home Into A Hurricane-Resistant Fortress…

Here are 5 more reasons homeowners in Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort choose our impact windows:

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners who install our impact windows in the Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort areas have reported saving as much as 30% on their energy bills. If your average monthly energy bill is $130, that works out to $468 in savings PER YEAR.

Stops Outdoor Noise

Because of the specialized glass, our impact windows reduce outdoor noise pollution up to 50%. You’ll enjoy a quieter and more pleasant home life.

Blocks 99% Of UV Rays

The glass in our impact windows reduces damage and fading to your carpet, furniture, artwork, and family photographs. Let the sunshine pour into your home—WHILE blocking harmful UV rays.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Every homeowner wants their windows to look great. That’s why we’ve crafted our impact windows with a beautiful, sleek frame. You can also choose from dozens of hardware, grid, and style options.

Adds Value To Your Home

Impact windows increase your home’s resale value and attract more potential buyers. The peace of mind that impact windows provide can make all the difference should you sell your home.

Cutting-Edge Installation

When it comes to hurricane-window installation, there is literally 0.00% margin for error. Impact windows that are not installed 100% correctly will almost certainly lead to disaster.

This is why we’ve developed and perfected a hurricane window-installation process that spares absolutely NO detail. Our installers are factory-certified and exhaustively trained in the latest hurricane window-install methods. Your hurricane windows are custom-measured for your home to ensure a perfectly snug and secure fit. And we perform an extensive final walkthrough after the job to triple-check that every detail—down to the nail—is unequivocally RIGHT.


A TRUE Lifetime Warranty

Our transferable limited lifetime warranty provides 100% protection from manufacturer defects. If there’s a warranty problem, your grand total to fix it will always be $0.00.

Other window contractors in Savannah, Hilton Head Island, and Beaufort also advertise lifetime warranties. But you have to be careful of fine print, loopholes, and exclusions—sometimes problems that SHOULD be covered are not. Then you have to foot the bill!

We don’t play those games. You’re protected for life from the moment we replace your impact windows.

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